I am a ceramic artist working primarily in porcelain. Drawn to the physicality of working with clay, my practice requires constant experimentation as I test the limits of the material in regards to its translucency, fineness and its varied shades in vitrified form. The final forms are often carefully constructed and controlled sculptural works that resist any contact with the viewer, challenging the formal and instinctive engagement with ceramics.

Fascinated by the natural – particularly botanical- world, the subject of my work is an exploration of the processes of colonial botany and the consequential enduring socio-political and environmental implications. I am interested in ideas surrounding national memory, history and identity within the Australian context, and how language and symbols work to shape and bond groups within societies.  

Most recently the focus of my work has been an investigation of the archetypal aesthetic of blue and white ceramics and the surrounding notions of tradition, authenticity, cultural globalisation, cultural exchange and appropriation, imperialism and ethnocentricsm.

My dedication and motivation to my practice has been recognised by a number of awards and scholarships that serve as an attest to this. Last year I traveled to the birthplace of porcelain, Jingdezhen, China. There I was able to study and take lessons in a range of techniques working with porcelain, as well as to learn first hand of the continuum of traditions and processes of a production city. This year I will continue my research into porcelain when I visit the Japanese town of Arita, another historical porcelain city.